Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sensational Spring

This is one of my happiest weeks of the year, Spring has arrived.  I adore how the world will change to so many vibrant shades of beautiful greens and colorful flowers blooming in the coming days and weeks.  I look forward to celebrating Easter, the perfect life and Atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and warmer days ahead give cause to rejoice.

Here's a link to Susan Branch's free Spring Desktop Wallpaper, loving her Robin!

Thanks for flying by on this glorious first Sunday of Spring 2014.


  1. It's my favorite time of the year too :). Very cute wallpaper!

  2. So glad spring is here, but today is very dull and dreary! Glad you enjoyed the cookies. I enjoyed making your Texa-style maple cake. It was delicious! Joni

  3. Thanks so much Joni, glad you liked the cake!

  4. I am so ready for spring too, but woke up to snow yesterday! The daffodils make me happy every time I drive up. We have tickets for Sat. afternoon conference but it is supposed to be rainy! Wouldn't you know. Can't wait to see the flowers up there.

  5. Happy Spring, Renee!! It's nice to see a shout out from you once in a while. Of course, I still stalk you quite well on pinterest, but blogging is my favorite.

  6. I love spring and Easter too. What a wonderful time of year and so much to be thankful for. I was pondering the Resurrection this morning - I think it is so far beyond our scope of mortal imagination that we couldn't contain it if we were to understand it. Have a lovely Easter!


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