Monday, May 7, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Looking for a way to show some teacher love this week?

This morning on a news show a woman shared teacher appreciation gifts.  She said the average cost of a gift from a child to a teacher was $30.00....oh my.  For my 5 kids that would have been  a whopping $150.00 "thank you" bill.  No way!!!!

Show them you love them with a little treat you can afford to make for all the teachers, principal and staff.  "Anything but an apple is appreciated,"...taken from a teacher's survey.

I made these for our church young women for a girl's camp treat.  Here's the DIY scoop:

Split 2 cupcakes per cup, (fill and frost, I made cream cheese frosting), layer in a clear cup.  Top with sprinkles and enclose in a clear bag.  Insert a clear fork handle in the cupcake and tie with curling ribbon.  Insert a little tag in the fork-tines and you are good to go! 

Adapted from Sinful Southern Treats and to download printable.

Sending love to all of you!


  1. So adorable and I know would be enjoyed by the recipient! Sweet for a kids party instead of a party bag too.

    1. You're right. It would make a cute party favor for any occasion. Thanks LDH!

  2. Uhm....YUM!
    That's a great looking treat. What teacher wouldn't love having that?


  3. These really do take the cake! So fun and cute. Joni

  4. These are so cute and I even think the kids could get this to school in one piece:@)

  5. Too clever and too cute! I think the kids might not get to school with this at all - I could see mine coming into class with crumbs all over their faces! I love tying the utensil in!

  6. Very sweet! My two kids have 9 teachers between them for preschool. I bought refillable cups for $3 a piece with Crystal Light Drink mixes 4 boxes on clearance for $1.25. And the tags were $1. So I am spending about $3.60 per teacher. I laugh at there $30 estimate! Ha ha ha!!

  7. I love these! That's just up my alley, and Providentially, one of my other favorite bloggers (Tanya @froufrou britches) was just asking for teacher gift ideas like this. I'm going to pass along this link.

  8. Renee, this is a delightful treat that any teacher would love! I never wanted to be a teacher till now seeing these delicious appreciation gifts :)

  9. Those are so cute and much more appreciated than anything purchased! A lot of time and though went into them into which is evident.

  10. What a treat these would be - I'd have loved to have received one!

  11. How sweet they are and so thoughtful. Any teacher would love to have one of these.

  12. Those are beautiful! Found your blog today and love it!

  13. Any teacher would love one of these gifts from their student. There is nothing as good as homemade.


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