Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey Gobbler Cake

So it's time to "talk turkey!"

Did you see this fantastic turkey cake  on Good Morning America?

Buddy Valastro, author of "Baking With the Cake Boss," gives us 3 easy steps on how to create it. 

Bake and prep everything...yeah there's lots of frosting to make...

fill the cake...

and decorate it!

What an adorable cake for the center of our Thanksgiving dessert table.
Join me tomorrow for one of those desserts...

All pictures courtesy of Good Morning America.


  1. That cake's so cute, they make it look so easy:@)

  2. Are you really going to make that? It is amazing, but it still looks time consuming.

    I don't have time for anything like that....I'm too busy trying to stay warm. I spend all my energy shivering in 9 degree weather. (you miss it here don't you?)

    Are you doing the dinner? What's on the menu?
    How many are coming over? Are you taking pictures?
    Are you posting those pictures?

    I think that's enough of the Spanish Inquisition for the day.

  3. That's adorable! I would love to try it, but I tend to have trouble just frosting a layer cake. I've tried everything "they" say to do, but I'm rarely happy with the result. That's why I go for cakes like German chocolate where you can't messs up the frosting.

    I love to watch Cake Boss.

  4. I'd like to meet the woman who has time to make this cake! It could only happen if that is all she has to prepare for dinner at someone else's house!


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