Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peace, Love & Party Tips!

Planning a Summer Barbeque Dinner Party?

I'm ready to throw a party.  How about you?  Here are some great tips from the Reluctant Entertainer
1. Get your outdoor entertaining space cleaned and ready for summer.
2. Set the date and time; invite the guests.
3. Plan the menu, choosing recipes that you can make ahead and that are easy to serve. Delegate aspects of the meal to keep it affordable, getting back with your guests on what you’d like for them to bring.
4. Think ahead to how many tables and chairs you’ll need and the linens you’ll be using.
5. Look in the yard for flowers, herbs, greenery – or head up to the Farmer’s Market – to make a simple tablescape.
6. If you have kids coming, what fun things will they do? Badminton, swimming, lawn games, board games … have something in mind so they won’t be bored.
7. Is your ITunes play list ready, or Internet hooked up, so you can play music from Pandora?
8. Make sure the BBQ has enough coals, tools are cleaned, and tiki torches filled with citronella.
9. The day of, set the table, using plenty of citronella votive candles to ward off the bugs, and make sure the “guest” bathroom is clean.
10. Do your prep work in the kitchen to make the night as simple as can be.
11. No matter what drinks you’ll be serving, always have plenty of water accessible for your guests.
11. Go over your “check-list” and make sure you completed your tasks.
12. Get yourself showered and ready for a fun summer night. Dress lite, as the last thing you want as the hostess is to be overheated.
Let's get planning!


  1. I just can't imagine an outdoor party right now with temperatures in the high nineties. What I NEED to plan is an indoor party, but I have a case of the party poops. Can I just come to one of yours instead? I'll bring Milli Vanilli ice cream in a can...

  2. We'll need some more sunshine and a warm evening before we can even think of outdoor entertaining. I tried to sit out yesterday, but by 5 it was too cool. Great tips though - I'll have to find some tiki torches!

  3. Your planning a party and you've just had a major surgery in the house????
    You are ambitious.

    Hope he's doing well my friend.

    I think I would love to have you be my wedding planner.

    It continues to be coolish and windy here.
    Miss it yet?

    Ya, I didn't think so.

  4. great tips, Gnee. it's important to keep the kids entertained too.

  5. Hi! #12 is my favorite!! So true for this 'ole gal, dress lite! :)

  6. I was out yesterday cleaning and rearranging our deck, and I was thinking this very thing..Time for a party! Thanks for the tips! ;D

  7. Thanks for the great tips on throwing a good, organized party. Planning ahead is the secret for me. If the weather ever warms up we will be grilling and eating outside.


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