Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Closet Confessions

It's time to Spring clean, lightening up our closets.  I agonize about what to keep and what needs to go.  Yes, "parting is such sweet sorrow!"

I'm working to have my closet look like this.  Like me, do you suffer from "garment  guilt?"

Do you recognize any of the following poor reasons to keep something: 
(list courtesy of Stacey Platt)

1.  "I might want to wear it again someday."  If you haven't worn something in a year (unless it's black tie) then it's dead weight in your closet.

2.  "I'm going to diet back into it."  If you haven't been the size in question in more than a year, let it go.  When you lose the wight, go out and treat yourself to something new.

3.  "It might come back into style."  Fashion styles are long, and it can take a decade for something to come back in style.  And when it does, it will be updated with a slightly different look.

4.  "It was very expensive."  It's painful to let go of something you paid a lot of money for and never wore.  If it is a designer piece, consign it.  If not donate it for a tax deduction, and you'll no longer be reminded of your shopping blunder.

5.  Any "if" statement such as, "I'd wear that if I ever go on a cruise to Alaska."  Unless you already have your tickets in hand, get rid of it.  By the time you take the trip, if ever, I give you permission to go out and buy just the right thing.

6.  "I want to save it for my daughter."  Ladies, unless it's couture, she probably won't want it.

7.  "I feel guilty."  If your poor aunt Sally took three years to knit a sweater with arthritic hands, but it isn't quite your style, then give Aunt Sally a hug while waring it once, and then make sure some less-fortunate person stays just a little warmer this winter.  It's a win-win.

Four great reasons to keep it:
1.  You love it.
2.  It's flattering.
3.  You feel great in it.
4.  It projects the right image (whatever "right" is to you)

Most important, love everything you own.  If you love everything in your closet, getting dressed is stress-free and fun.


  1. Gnee,

    How true. I need to do this too. I do it periodically but the closet is still crammed. I shall try again.


  2. ACK! I'm in the middle of a closet clean up downstairs in the den. Now, I'm thinking that I should head upstairs to the bedroom. I do every one of those things except save it for my daughters.

    Funny though, I had saved some items long enough for them to become "costumey". They borrowed them for an 80s party they went to. So now, if I have something particularly trendy (which is rare) I do put it in the costume closet.

    Great advice. I need to memorize it before I head upstairs to the closet.

  3. This one really hits home with me! I have 2 closets of clothes, the ones that fit now and the ones that USED to fit and I'm hoping I can lose enough to get back into them. You know what? That's not gonna happen! I purged 12 Walmart bags of old lotions, toiletries and makeup recently and I need to do the same thing with clothes. That's it...I'm doing it today!

  4. Good advice! Although I don't have to worry about saving anything for my daughters, since I only have boys! :)

  5. OH MY YES, This is a MUST DO project! I also have the pile of "Work in the garden clothes" that need to be thinned out now and then "BUT" keep growing and growing!
    Thank you for sharing the inspiration,

  6. This is a project we all face with trepidation. You've just made it easier for me by making me smile. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  7. I wish my closet looked as neat as those..almost! My problem is, I keep everything, my kids say it's because I was poor as a child! Maybe ;D

  8. Thanks for all the tips. Organization just makes you feel better!! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I just about fell out of my seat!! I am a big fan of your blog!!!

  9. Nice post! I agree with you. If you are not going to wear an outfit, do not keep it even if you have hardly worn it! Closet space is precious especially if you live in CA.

  10. those are great things to remeber, I need to clean my closet!

  11. I think your rules are right on! Truly, words to consider when cleaning out a closet. My daughter helped me in Jan. and I parted with 14 bags, pretty much using your list!


  12. I am usually the grand procrastinator in this area but I got it done recently. Packed away the winter duds and in with spring and summer. Then it got chilly. Just can't win.

    Now to prod on my husband. Not an easy task. :)

  13. I need to share this post with my husband. He's ever the saver! He's famous for saying you never know when we may need it! Great post!

  14. Wow! if only my closet looked like this. I like to have LOTS of options and that's my problem. Every season I try to get rid of items, but I never get rid of enough. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. Good reminder. I also make a rule that if I buy something, I get rid of something I haven't worn or really don't like. Because now I don't have the excuse "I might need it" because I have a brand new thing.

  16. I have got to clean mine out and it is so true about some of those reasons for hanging onto stuff. I am going to bag it up and take it to Good Will. Thanks for joining WUW.

  17. Poor Aunt Sally will have to get over it...lol...

    Great tips for clothes and shoes hoarders. I went thru a massive purge, and literally have nothing left.

    If you have a moment today, please share this with my readers @Creative Juice Thursday. Hope to see yours among all the amazing projects!

  18. This is something I do constantly. I keep revising my wardrobe once a month, just to find out if 3 pairs of pants is enough when taking care of a toddler. I think the conclusion is no as I have now had to buy a couple more pants lately.

  19. Thanks for this advice! I just moved, so as I unpack I will keep these ideas in mind!


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