Friday, April 29, 2011

May Day Baskets (Kiss & Tell)

As a child my favorite Spring day was May Day.  It was a big deal at my school where we danced around the maypole and made lattice May Baskets weaving paper in and out.  Now we see these adorable cone baskets, so pretty and easy to make.

To make flower cones, cut medium-weight paper into a 7-inch square. Use decorative scissors to scallop edge and a pencil to form tip. Secure outer flap of cone with craft glue. Punch six holes, 1 inch apart, beginning at top front center; thread 20-inch length of 1/2-inch-wide ribbon through holes. Tie bow at front, and leave a 7-inch loop at the back.

May Baskets are small and usually filled with flowers or treats and left at someone's doorstep. The basket giver would ring the bell and run away. The person receiving the basket would try to catch the fleeing giver. If they caught the person, a kiss was to be exchanged.  No wonder I remember it as such a fun day.

When my blog was fairly new last year, I created Maypole Cupcakes, perfect for your May Day Party.  We will be making May Day Baskets, playing a Tisket a Tasket, and serving Maypole Cupcakes this weekend, weather permitting!

We woke to snow-rain early this morning.  I keep thinking, "April showers bring May flowers!"  A return to Spring is forecast for next week.  Hooray...

Happy May Day All!


  1. I love May Day. We always left flowers on the neighbor's door handle. Does anyone do that anymore? Note to self: Pass this tradition on to my grandkids!

  2. I think you might be taunting me with all the flowers and beautiful warm shots! Got a bunch of snow here during the night.
    I know you miss it.

    Keep posting the beauty you are posting....I shall live vicariously through you.

  3. Always beautiful photos, recipes and ideas here with you, Gnee! Love visiting!

  4. What a precious cupcake! I really like this post, so pretty and springy!

  5. Thanks for the great idea for May Day! We are headed to our daughter's home for May Day to see that new grand baby, so I will definitely make her one of these darling flower cones. I miss you, my friend.

  6. Adorable passing it on to my dil. She's the cuppie baker around here.
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  7. The cones are so pretty with flowers in them! Happy May Day:@)

  8. This is one of my favorite blogs! I just wanted to share that I made the darling maypole cupcakes and they turned out so cute. Here is a link to my blog:

    Thanks so much for the idea!!!!!

  9. Happy May Day! So wish we were closer so I could drop a basket at your door! Hugs!

  10. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. Thanks for creating such an inspiring and fun place to visit. These cupcakes look amazing!

  11. The flower cones are so pretty and I'm loving the cupcakes! What a lovely way to welcome Spring!

  12. That maypole cupcakes are such a cute idea!

    Visiting from Someday Crafts!


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