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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pantry Perfection

Moving in, I quickly unpacked food boxes willy-nilly!  I was just waiting for my new pantry carousels to arrive.

I featured these  last summer on my Top 5 Hits.   I implement many of the good ideas from all of your blogs.  Special thanks to Emily and her dad, Phil, for getting these to me from Texas.  The design and instructions are terrific and I paid $29.99 for each carousel.  It was an easy install.

I ordered five for the deep corners for each shelf.  They are wonderful quality and extra large.  I also ordered one for the floor to hold extra staple items. 

Here's my pantry makeover and I'm so pleased.  None of my canned goods are lost in the corners.  I can see where everything is.  I think it will be easy to maintain too.

My guy, you know I love him, replaced the light bulb and cover with this awesome little motion bulb that faithfully turns it's self off and on.

Then he added this shoe pocket to hold all my odds and ends.  His grill lighter, matches, and gorilla glue are up top, genius!

He replaced the over the door hooks, (that came with this shoe holder), with small molly bolts that are designed for hollow doors.  I cut a slit to accommodate the door handle.  I can still use the pocket, no worries.  I'm so happy with it, I'm going to use them on several different doors.  Watch for updates later.

Now for my most recent challenge, my adorable little escape artist, Spencer.  I'm glad to be home blogging after he escaped on Tuesday.  I have been in recovery ever since he unbolted my big front door and just headed for home!  When I asked him where he was going he told me he needed to get Buttercup, his sweet, sweet dog.  Imagine if I'd been slapped in jail, charged with child endangerment.  I would have had to call my favorite defense attorney, his father!

H-E-L-P, how does grandma childproof the door?   Gramps is not supportive of anything that will "mar his new door."

Welcoming your ideas!
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  1. Wow..that all looks so great! I love to have things organized like that..great ideas! Now for the little guy..hummm...maybe a big bell on the door! LOL

  2. Great ideas...I wish I had more space

  3. Will you come to Charleston? I need help!!!It looks great!

  4. I have one cupboard corner that goes way back into time ... or someplace beyond my reach. I love the idea of using the lazy susan type turntable there. Thanks for sharing. Also love the clear shoe organizers for snacks etc.
    'hugs from afar'

  5. Oh my, I am so jealous of your new storage area! You did a fabulous job! Hmmm...Home Depot or Lowe's for a child-proof door thingie?


  6. I Googled it...this looks effective and is not an eyesore......

  7. Gnee -- what a great, organized pantry! Those corner rounds are genius. Oh Gnee I had an escpae artist when I was working in the nursery. There were five adults present! The nursery had an outside door! Thank heavens some people spotted him -- thought he had church clothes on. The next week he tried it again, but we were on to him. His mom wasn't bothered because she knew about him. There are plastic things you can put on the door handles. Also in a home I used to live in, we had a large natural pond on the property. My children were younger then. The doors had little metal things up high on them so they kids couldn't get out. Some kids just are very good at escaping. Good luck! Joni

  8. I remember those from your Friday post. I went there and LOVED that pantry makeover.

    I am excited about your ideas, too. I love the one about the motion sensor light. That's inspired. I am constantly leaving mine on. I also have several of those shoe organizers that I bought last year for a different purpose but didn't use. I didn't like the hookie things. Thanks for THAT tip, too.

    I will defer to the new mommies for the latest child catching door contraption. I'll bet they have one. (He's adorable!)

    You know, these great idea posts of your are almost.... almost...making it worthwhile to be Bird Free for all those weeks. Keep them coming.

  9. I have the walk in pantry, now I need the organizers. This looks incredible.I need to do a "copy cat challenge".

  10. Tell gramps... messing up the door is of far less consequence than having your grandson get run over or kidnapped. They have little latches that flip over... they are about 2 inches and we have them on all our doors. Elsie is not an escape artist and so I haven't needed them yet. There are also alarm systems you can have on the house that chime each time the door is opened that is what T.D. and Dan/Karin have... so if he really doesn't want to mess up the door this might be more costly but it lets you know when they go in or out.

  11. Those look awesome in there and I'm so happy you love them! They are life changing. :) And thanks so much for the link back! xxoo

  12. Your pantry makes my heart sing! A place for everything and everything in its place :)

    Sweet little guy! Happy he is safe and you are happily at home :)

  13. Just brilliant! Lovin' your nice organized pantry Gnee-enjoy! My only suggestion about the little guy is, I leave brass sleigh bells hanging from my door knob year round. I like to hear who's coming and going:@)

  14. First of all, I love the pantry and all its wonderful organizational aids!
    As you may know, we live between two large, deep woodland ponds and have two wee grandsons. There was no contest here - The Great Dane had to relent and there is a chain on every door leading outdoors - all four of them. I'd never sleep, thinking that a little fellow could slip outside and.........

  15. Wow, what a great pantry. Love the organizer.

    Oh, you must have been just beside yourself when that little cutie was gone!!

  16. Oh, I am so jealous! I can't keep my pantry clean. My little grand kids can get into it and think it is their personal snack center. The teenagers can't get anything out without knocking things to the ground!

    I love the carousels and the pockets. What great ideas.

    We had to tie our two front doors together to keep my 3 year old from getting out. He is 16 now and was lucky to live as several times when he escaped neighbors said they nearly ran him over! Good luck with that one!

  17. Where did you find those lazy suzans? I could definitely use them!

    oh my--you're little guy sounds like my little guy! Aren't they enterprising? Good luck! It sounds like you have lots of wonderful suggestions...I may have to steal some!

  18. Looks very neat and organized. Pantry reconstruction is on my list this weekend. Thanks so much for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  19. Love the new look--turntables really help me organize too.

    Try some sleighbells on the door so you can hear it open and close when your little escape artist makes a break. They aren't as good as a child-proof latch, but they do give a heads up!

  20. Such an awesome space! I'd love to have a larger pantry area...and kitchen too. The shoe pocket idea is great...thanks for sharing. It's difficult to find a method to track all the little things and this is wonderful!

    Now, for that precious little guy ~ perhaps a lock near the top of the door? Bells would alert you also. They are so busy at that age...and so adorable too!

    I've missed you...will try to be around more.

  21. It looks great. I love the shoe organizer on the door. I'm your newest follower. I'm having my first link party tomorrow (Monday). It would be great if you could stop by and post your project. http://diyhshp.blogspot.com

  22. It doesn't look like your lacking in comments to say the least! However, nice pantry touch! With Spencer... Maybe you two should just go fishing. :)

  23. What a great idea to use the shoe pockets for your pantry! I'm going to try that! Good luck with Spencer...I was going to tell you about the same things that Joni mentioned, above.

  24. Where did you get the lazy susans?

  25. Here is the link where I got the pantry carousels. I wish I could get in touch with you Nan. You are a no-reply blogger! Sorry, I tried.


    Contact Emily and her dad will send the carousels to you.

  26. Hi I love your pantry. right now we have some corner cabinets that I would like to pull out and build a pantry in its place. The corner however is by our side entrance. I was wondering if you could send some dimensions so we can see if it is a viable option. I'd really appreciate the info! thanks


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