Sunday, February 27, 2011

How's Your Heart?

I love this quote taken from Matters of the Heart.  Henry B. Eyring shares personal examples of how he learned about prayer from his parents.

I know that our Heavenly Father lives and loves us.  He knows us and hears and answers our prayers.  We are His children and He is but waiting for us come unto Him through prayer, and will bless us with the righteous desires of our hearts.


  1. A dear post. I especially love your last sentence! That's a healthy heart!

  2. A beautiful post for today. During Lent a local church is having a speaker come just to focus on the Lord's Prayer for an entire weekend.

  3. Beautiful thoughts. Thanks for a great start to the sabbath.

  4. What a perfect post to read just getting home from church. Thank you for such a beautiful post!

  5. Love this! Thanks for posting.

  6. Thanks! I needed this today. I have been in steady prayer for awhile now while going through the IVF process. It is good to be reminded that God wants us to come to him and prayer, but also even though the road is bumpy, he has a plan laid out for us.
    Thanks for sharing!


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