Friday, February 11, 2011

Five On Friday


Love in the this fabulous or what?  Thanks to Kait @ Mrs. DIY and the Tennis Guy for her Ballard Designs Knock Off  Her whimsical font and burlap combine creating a perfect pair, Valentine pillows!


So what's not to love here?  Maleahbliss @ Little Eme promises to share her pattern next Tuesday for little mocs.  So adorable, visit Another Baby Shower Gift in the Works to make or buy some from her store.


All the rage, Kristi @ The Speckled Dog shares a fabulous tutorial on DIY Pedestal Bowls  While you're there be sure to check out her glazing tutorial too.


Can't get enough game time in?  Don't miss these ideas making your Valentine Parties a huge hit.  First, from my friend, Bird @ Bird's Party  FREEBIE Printables: Love Bingo!  and for the first time ever on it's a tie, cause I just love 'em both!

B-I-N-G-O Cards  for your family or classroom party from the gals @ Eighteen 25.
It's all there for you, just add your pics, print and grab some M&M candies!


"Pieceful Pam" is Feeling the Love @ Glorious Applique.  I just adore all of the bright colors and pattern. Amazingly, her work of art is machine sewn with a blanket stitch. 

Have an inspired weekend all!


  1. LOVE the LOVE Bingo! How fun would that be to play with the grandchildren!

    Great links!

  2. We sure think alike when it comes to our little ones Lorraine!

  3. I love all the great ideas here...Love! ;D

  4. All cute ideas Gnee! Nice to see Five on Friday back! Happy Valentine's Weekend:@)

  5. Super sweet ideas, and my favorite is the Ballard's knockoff pillows. I have to admit that get Ballard's catalog, purely for their inspiration! Glad I found your blog today! -diane

  6. I'm late. I'm late. For a very important date.
    Now, I need to scoot over to that pedestal tutorial. I really like the look of them, and I can't find what I want for my kitchen.

    And, how cute is the family faces BINGO board? I love that. I love them all. Your shout outs never steer me wrong.

  7. YAY!! Thanks so much for featuring me!!

    Kristi a.k.a. The Speckled Dog


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