Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Looking at Christmas

Looking at Christmas

Mother, please tell me-it's Christmas again--
Why did the star shine in heaven back then?
"Heavenly Father was happy and He
Wanted the Nephites and Wise Men to see
Jesus was born, and the star was the sign
Telling the world that the Babe was divine."

"Why was he born in a stable with hay?
Kings lived in palaces back in that day."
Jesus Christ's kingdom is heaven, you know.
Money and palaces stay here below.
He came to earth just to show us the way
We can be with Him in heaven one day."

"Presents and toys, then, are
things of this earth.
Why do we give them to honor His birth?
"That's a good question. My
child, you are wise,
Looking at Christmas through
Jesus Christ's eyes.
Love is the answer. Love is the way
To properly celebrate Jesus
Christ's day."

"God loved the world, so He
gave us His son.
Love for each other brings real
Christmas fun."
"Gifts giv'n when thinking of
only their worth,
Just like fine palaces, stay on
this earth.
Thinking of others and showing
your love
Brings happiness here and
great joy up above."

by Therese Aurich

May we feel the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ in our homes and lives this beautiful time of the year, as we celebrate His humble birth, life of service, and the gift of His Atoning sacrifice.

With best wishes for the merriest Christmas ever,


  1. What a wonderful poem and precious picture. I had forgotten about the Reason for the Season party. I hope I have time today to visit and see some nativity scenes.

  2. Thank you for posting this perfect little poem along with the two sweethearts in costume to present it! Sweet Christmas joy!

  3. What a great poem Gnee and the kids are adorable! Your nativity is just beautiful, love it surrounded by the fresh greens and candlelight. Thank you so much for joining in:@)

  4. Great poem and reminder. Great nativity scene.

  5. Your Christmas post is beautiful. Happiest holiday wishes to you and your family. Love the photo of your cutie pies.

  6. That's a beautiful Nativity, and the children are adorable!

  7. Just beautiful gnee...I just love you ;D

  8. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post! Wonderful reason for the season!!

  9. I haven't heard of that poem before! Just beautiful! Joni

  10. Great poem and I love the pagent kids :)

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  11. I loved seeing the adorable snap of the little ones and the poem. Your Nativity is very pretty and I like how you have it in among the greens.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. What an adorable picture of the young ones. The smile on their faces is so precious. I had never read that poem before. It's wonderful!

    A blessed Christmas to you and yours,

    Eileen :0)

  13. Merry Christmas! A great post! I'm hopping over to say Good Morning. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. hugs, Katherine P.S. stop by for a visit and don't forget to enter my giveaway!

  14. Well it sounds like I'm gonna be in the same woods as the famous chaz and renee. sorry if I spelt your names wrong. WE'll I just had to comment because since camping with you guys (when i was krista's roomate) I have thought of several dishes you made while camping many many times over the years and NOW i have a blog with your recipes on them. Yay! Well hope you'll share your little elsie with me when they come to visit boise!
    Merry Christmas,

    Amie Orton (spratling as you might know me)

  15. The Christmas story is a little closer to home for our family this year because of the birth of our son at home on Christmas morning!

    Newest follow on GFC, follow back at http://www.closertolucy.blogspot.com/

  16. Couldn't find a place to leave a comment on your last post. Glad to see you again! Hope 2011 brings you great adventure in a new home and great joy. I can't even imagine moving to a new neighborhood and ward after so many years. Have a wonderful time and I will have to make your truffled nests! They look fabulous.

  17. OH MY GOSH!!! Is it possible that your blog got even cuter?! It is and it has. Love your amazing photographs. You're so talented, Auntie!! And your latest haircut is to die for.
    Miss you.


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