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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soaring Sentiments

"When I want to speak to God, I pray. When I want God to speak to me, I read the scriptures."


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  1. I rarely visit blogland at this particular time, but I finished my lesson and took a minute to come here.

    Love that. It fits perfectly with my lesson on knowing the will of God.

  2. Lovely words - they made me think of my visit to Spot on Cedar Pond, where Kathy's choice of scripture lifted my day.

  3. What a great inspiration and reminder! Often times we forget that God has already revealed what we should do. As individuals, we aren't the first to ask a particular question for God to answer. When we read the scriptures, we read the revelation in which we are seeking!

    Great post!

  4. I love that quote and it is true but sometimes he speaks to us as we are in pray..that is wonderful too. :D

  5. Great quote Gnee -- most of my inspiration and comfort comes from the scriptures. Joni

  6. I love this. I think I need some prayer and reading time.


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